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 We offer the most complete 12-band lighting spectrum with the highest PAR per watt of power consumed output.  This means maximum yield for the least possible power usage and minimum heat.  A true synergy of spectral output and power efficiency in an ultra-powerful LED grow light.  There is a marked difference between LED grow lights on the market, especially the cheap options that emit significantly lower intensity for much higher power consumption – making it especially important to consider your options wisely in an arena where your investment needs to account for a high yield, high return on investment outcome.  Platinum Africa is all about best efficiency - ensuring higher yields at lower growing temperatures.
A 400W conventional HPS grow light can effectively be replaced with a P300 from the Platinum Africa range that consumes a mere 128W of actual power from an electrical outlet.  It will give your plants perfectly tuned light to achieve maximum photosynthetic response as every single watt of power is converted to useable light for plants and seedlings.  This is the most popular light in our range as it offers an ideal performance versus affordability ratio.  It’s great in all situations from the clandestine “closet grow” to large full-scale production scenarios where multiple units can be connected to achieve optimal coverage – herb, micro-herb, marijuana, flower and vegetable gardens will do extremely well under the P300.
Platinum Africa’s secret lies in our optimal balance of 12 different bands of complete light spectrum from the deepest Ultra Violet wavelengths to the highest Infra-Red light ranges – giving your indoor grow PRECISELY the meticulously regulated spectrum required to flourish.  The output is further enhanced by the incorporated 90˚ secondary focusing lenses that help the light to penetrate deeper into the plant canopy.  Our greater output, cooler operating, more efficient 3W LED’s simply outperforms the opposition on every level.
In addition, all the lights in our range feature a VEG and a BLOOM button that can be activated and deactivated to deliver optimal performance from seedling to ultimate flowering and harvesting.  The VEG control activates more purple to blue light emissions favoured by leaf and overall vegetative development.  Simply activating the BLOOM control in conjunction with the VEG switch to enable 100% power shifts the spectral emission to a bloom supportive pink to red dominant output.  No supplementary light is required, your single Platinum Africa unit has you covered from sprouting to harvest.
This is simply the best performing LED grow light available on the market at any price.  Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) measures the intensity of light produced by an LED grow light.  With the old HID lighting systems, wattage draw used to dictate growing power, however with today’s cutting edge LED technology this is no longer the case.  Our combination of ultra-efficient drivers and American designed diodes, make for the highest PAR per watt of any other grow light available world-wide.  Our complete 12-band spectral output gives Platinum Africa grow lights the ability to put 100% of power consumption towards actual plant development whereas traditional HID’s and white LED’s emit only 40% of functional light while the rest is squandered in power consumption and heat.  The efficacy of our 12 band spectrum means that Platinum Africa uses less than half the electricity and heat to yield superior growing power.